Advanced JavaServer Faces and Ajax

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A task that can be run in the background, independent of other running tasks, is known as an asynchronous task. JavaScript is the most popular modern browser language that is used to implement asynchronous tasking in web applications. Ajax is a set of technologies that allows you to perform asynchronous tasks using JavaScript in the background, sending responses from the client browser to the server, and then sending a response back to the client. That response is used to update the page’s Document Object Model (DOM). Enhancing an application to make use of such asynchronous requests and responses can greatly improve the overall user experience. The typical web applications from years past included a series of web pages, including buttons that were used to navigate from one page to the next. The browser had to repaint each new page, and when a user was finished with the next page, they’d click another button to go to a subsequent page, and so on. The days of page reloads are long gone, and client-side asynchronous processing is now the norm. Ajax technology has overtaken the industry of web application development, and users now expect to experience a richer and more desktop-like experience when using a web application.


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