Testing Spring Applications

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Before an application is delivered to the client, it has to be tested and validated for use by a team of professionals called testers. As you can imagine, testing an application after development is complete is a little too late, because perhaps specifications were not understood correctly, or were not complete. Also, the behavior of an application on an isolated development system differs considerably from the behavior on a production system. That is why there are multiple testing steps that have to be taken, some of them even before development. And there is also the human factor. Since no one is perfect, mistakes are made, and testing helps find those mistakes and fix them before the application reaches the end user, thus ensuring the quality of the software. The purpose of software testing is to verify that an application satisfies the functional (application provides the expected functions) and nonfunctional (application provides the expected functions as fast as expected and does not require more memory than is available on the system) requirements and to detect errors, and all activities of planning, preparation, evaluation, and validation are part of it.


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