Creating Your Actor Engine: Design the Characters for Your Game and Define Their Capabilities

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Now that we have created the game play timing loop in Chapter 7, let's get into some scratch coding here in Chapter 8, and create the public abstract class framework that we can use to create the different types of sprites that we will be using in our InvinciBagel game. This essentially equates to your "Actor Engine" for your game, as you'll define and design the various types of game components that your game will include as actors, and these two classes will be used to create all of the other classes that will be used to create the objects (components) that are in your game. These would include things such as the InvinciBagel himself (the Bagel class), his adversaries (the Enemy class), all the treasure he looks for during the game (the Treasure class), things that are shot at him (the Projectile class), things that he navigates over and around (the Prop classes), all providing game objectives that InvinciBagel must try and achieve.


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