The Foundation of Game Design: The JavaFX Scene Graph and the InvinciBagel Game Infrastructure

  • Wallace Jackson


In this chapter, you will start to design the infrastructure of your InvinciBagel game, both from the user interface (UI) and user experience standpoint as well as from the "under the hood" game engine, sprite engine, collision engine, and physics engine standpoint. You will keep optimization in mind, as you must do as you work through the rest of the book, so that you do not get a scene graph that is so extensive or complicated that the pulse system cannot update everything efficiently. This means keeping primary game UI screens (Scene or SubScene nodes) to a minimum (three or four); making sure that the 3D and Media engine (digital audio and digital video) use their own threads; and checking that the functional "engines" that drive the game are all coded logically, using their own classes and proper Java 8 programming conventions, structures, variables, constants, and modifiers (see Chapter 3).


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