An Introduction to Game Design: Concepts, Multimedia, and Using Scene Builder

  • Wallace Jackson


In this chapter, you will build on your knowledge of the JavaFX multimedia engine by learning about the optimal way to use the scene graph paradigm in JavaFX and take a look at JavaFX Scene Builder tool and FXML, and why (or why not) to use these in certain types of Java game development scenarios. You will also examine basic game design optimization concepts, and the types of games, as well as game engines, that are available for the Java platform, including physics engines, such as JBox2D and Dyn4J, and 3D game engines, such as LWJGL and JMonkey. Finally, you will consider the new media concepts that you will need to understand to integrate digital imaging, digital audio, digital video, and animation into your game production pipeline. We will also look at some of the free open-source multimedia production tools that you installed back in Chapter 1, and can now use to create Java 8 games.


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