Collision Detection: Creating SVG Polygons for the Game Actors and Writing Code to Detect Collision

  • Wallace Jackson


Now that we have implemented digital audio for our game sound effects and short-loop music, as well as implemented our digital imaging related classes that create motion sprites (characters) and fixed sprites (props), we will now delve into the other major genre or area of new media: vectors. Vectors are utilized in 2D illustration software (InkScape) as well as 3D modeling and animation software (Blender), and use math to define the shapes that are used to create the 2D or 3D artwork. This makes vectors the perfect solution for defining custom collision shapes that perfectly encase our sprites, so that instead of using a complex array of pixels to detect collision, we use a far simpler (and far more memory and processor efficient) collision polygon, that will perfectly surround our sprite.


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