Setting Boundaries for Your Action Figure in 2D: Using the Node Class LocalToParent Attribute

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Now that we have organized your Java code into logical methods in the class, and wired up the GamePlayLoop .handle() method to the Bagel .update() method in Chapter 10, to make sure that our KeyEvent handlers will move our InvinciBagel character around the screen, it is time to establish some boundaries for our game hero, so that he does not leave the field of play, so to speak. To do this, we will need to dive into the JavaFX Node superclass at a much deeper level of detail then we did in Chapter 4. We will look at how transforms are performed, and more important, how they function relative to the Parent Node, which is located above them in the Scene Graph. For our Actor ImageView Node(s), that Parent Node would be the Scene Graph root StackPane Node.


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