Setting Up a Java 8 Game Development Environment

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Welcome to the book Beginning Java 8 Games Development! Let’s get started by creating a solid development software foundation for use with this book. The core of this foundation will be Java SDK (Software Development Kit) 8, also called JDK (Java Development Kit) 8. I will also set you up with NetBeans IDE 8.0 (Integrated Development Environment), which will make coding Java 8 games much easier. After that, I will introduce you to the latest open-source new media content creation software packages for digital illustration (Inkscape), digital imaging (GIMP [GNU Image Manipulation Program]), digital video (EditShare Lightworks), digital audio (Audacity), and 3D modeling and animation (Blender). At the end of the chapter, I will also suggest some other professional-level software packages that you should consider adding to the professional game development workstation that you will be creating over the course of this chapter.


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