Don’t Trust Anyone Over . . . Anything

The Perils of Social Engineering
  • Daniel G. Bachrach
  • Eric J. Rzeszut


Darren is a newly hired financial analyst for a major e-retailing company with a background in database management, software integration, and big-data modeling. He was hired as part of a broadscale company reorganization following several recent acquisitions. Darren’s group is part of a brand new unit within the parent company, with incompletely established functional boundaries. Four weeks into his new position, Darren is still learning the proper procedures, reporting relationships, colleagues’ names, and general operating system parameters. Everything feels very up in the air for Darren—a very common feeling. He receives a phone call at work, which is purportedly from the IT help desk affiliated with his group. Although the caller ID on his desk phone may have indicated an external call, in the midst of a hectic moment Darren didn’t notice.


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