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Maria is an attorney who specializes in issues of privacy. She advises clients on the application of encryption methods, secure transmission of data, data protection overseas, etc. She counsels corporate clients on their rights concerning information and data related to disgruntled or terminated employees, and company rights bearing on examination of employee-used laptops and other devices. On corporate-owned devices, including phones and tablets, users can have absolutely no expectation of privacy. The firm can monitor and track all employee communications—work-related and personal—and look at all of their data at will. Because of Maria’s expertise in this area, her friends and family come to her with their personal privacy concerns as well. Her friends hear about current scandals and stories in the news, such as the recent Edward Snowden case, about search engines like DuckDuckGo and browsers like Tor, and ask Maria’s professional opinion of these events. Although she advises them to maintain their privacy to as great an extent as possible, she also admits that the open nature of the Internet is mechanically somewhat antithetical to the maintenance of total privacy.


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