Don’t Get Phished

Stay Out of the Net
  • Daniel G. Bachrach
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Joe is a midlevel procurement manager with 14 years of experience at the multinational company Worldwide, Inc. His section is a large one, and much of the procedural updating that regularly comes through official channels is disseminated virtually—by text, the corporate instant messaging application, or e-mail. Joe rarely sees his immediate supervisor during the course of an average day and is accustomed to getting—and following—electronically delivered policy and housekeeping directives. Joe’s communications with administrators from other sections in his division also typically come through company e-mail. From time to time updates to the company’s IT systems require him to change his existing passwords or create new ones, so he is not uneasy when he receives a routine e-mail from his company’s IT group directing him to update his system password (see Figure 1-1).


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