Database Design and Creation

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Now that you’ve installed SQL Server and examined the main tools you’ll use as a SQL Server developer or administrator, it’s almost time to start building the ApressFinancial database solution. However, you can’t do this yet because you still don’t know what the database will hold. At this point in time, all the information you have is that you’ll be building a database to hold some financial transactions for a personal or corporate financial tool. You’ll gear this database toward a financial tool that a corporation might use because SQL Server can be scaled from one user to thousands of users very easily. The next step is to gather more information about the requirements of the solution and about what data is required to be stored in the database. Once the information-gathering stage is complete, you’ll then be able to create the database within SQL Server throughout the book. The book’s main intent is to demonstrate to you how to build a database solution from the ground up.


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