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In the book titled Magazine Editing and Production, published in 1974, authors J.W. Click and Russell N. Baird wrote that “Content is king. It is the meaning that counts. Form and technical considerations, although important, cannot substitute for content.” While Click and Baird’s book was written nearly 20 years before the launch of the Internet and 41 years before the launch of Drupal 8, the concept that content is king is on the minds of everyone who is responsible for building and maintaining web sites. If content is king, how can Drupal 8 help to ensure that the right content is in the right place, at the right time, and in the right format to entice visitors to find your site and stay there? That is precisely the question that this chapter addresses by looking at Drupal 8’s content staging, publishing, search, and multilingual capabilities, all of which are cornerstones in helping to ensure that content is and remains king on your Drupal 8 web sites.


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