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DevOps is a term for common practices that have catalyzed into a movement that is rapidly spreading throughout the development community, and it not relegated just to Drupal development. DevOps represents the marriage of development and operations into a set of cultural philosophies, common practices, and tools that enable an organization to deliver applications and services at a velocity that most organizations have traditionally failed to achieve. Historically the time from concept to it being realized in software that is running in production was weeks, months, and sometimes years. While it may have been suitable in the past to deliver new solutions on a quarterly basis, in today’s world, you must deliver new capabilities in near real time or sit by and watch your competitors race by you. Today you may receive a new requirement on Monday morning with the expectation that the functionality will be deployed by end-of-day on Tuesday, and yes, Tuesday of that same week. The old culture, processes, tools, and siloed organizations will surely fail to deliver the solutions in timeframes that were unheard of in the past, but that are commonplace in today’s market.


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