Service Strategy and Examples

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Let us explore ways to put the concepts in the previous chapters to work. The motto “Think globally, act locally” applies here. A crucial piece of insight from the concepts we have discussed so far is that, given that the cloud is intrinsically service-oriented, understanding and internalizing the notion of service is a necessary condition to success in cloud space. We discovered in Chapter 4 that long-term planning approaches, successful in the first wave in the enterprise cycle, are less effective in the fast-changing cloud markets. It became necessary to shorten the process by engaging with end users, not just to gather requirements for future products, but also to actually jointly plan, design, and even manufacture the platforms. Organizations need to embrace cloud internally to succeed in cloud markets. This approach brings additional benefits: Embracing a service culture and taking advantage of cloud technology to speed up internal processes will actually endow the organization with the agility and timeliness it was seeking to succeed in the cloud market.


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