Producing Advanced Automation with Visual Workflow

  • Philip Weinmeister


If you are getting the sense that has a strong focus on business process automation, you are absolutely correct. I have dedicated separate chapters to automation via the utilization of workflow rules and entitlement and milestones, yet another key automation tool still needs to be discussed: Visual Workflow. Visual Workflow has had quite a history and has had a variety of titles. It resides in a space that offers significant value for developers and nondevelopers alike: no coding is required, yet it allows for significantly more intricacy and complexity than the other automation solutions I have discussed. Visual Workflow is not simply a different means to achieve the same results that you saw with workflow rules and entitlements and milestones; it covers starkly different use cases. It is critical to understand when and why you would choose to use Visual Workflow to create flows for your business before getting into the details of how it works.


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