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Several alternative desktops are available for use on Fedora. Table 12-1 lists several popular alternative desktops that you can use for Fedora. You can use these desktops as additional ones that you can install on your Fedora system. At the login screen, the Sessions menu lets you choose which desktop you want to use, just as with KDE. You can download them from PackageKit (System Tools ➤ Software). Look for the meta package with the extension -desktop, such as xfce-desktop and cinnamon-desktop. This meta package will download the entire collection of packages for that desktop interface. Many of the desktops have their own desktop spin ISO images, which you can download and burn onto a DVD/CD. They also operate as Live CDs. The Xfce and LXDE spins can be downloaded from the Fedora Project download page. SoaS can be downloaded from its web site at . You can also install a desktop directly using the yum install command and the dektop name.


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