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Thus far in this book, you have covered many discrete iOS-to-Android mapping topics and created more than 20 ADT projects. Those mapping topics were purposely implemented in individual ADT projects with very few classes. In Chapter 3, you learned the top-down development approach to break the whole app into iOS-like MVC-oriented fragments. In Chapter 4, you learned how to port individual smaller components from counterpart iOS app components, piece by piece. However, all those topics are designed to be self-contained without dependencies so they can serve as independent instructions. In the real programming world, it is the combination of features and use cases that makes your app useful and entertaining. For sure you will need more than one mapping guideline to complete a meaningful app. In this chapter, you are going to port an existing iOS app from start to finish using the mapping topics from Chapters 3 and 4. Nothing is new really: you are still going to repeat the same top-down development approach as you have been, and implement one piece at a time.


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