Measurement of Sediment Denitrification Using 15-N Tracer Method

  • Isao Koike
Part of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies Symposium Series book series (FEMS, volume 56)


Because of the rather expensive equipment and complicated analytical procedures, application of 15-N tracer for denitrification in sediment has been rather restricted (Hattori, 1983; Koike and Sørensen, 1988; Seitzinger, 1988). Use of a 15-N tracer for denitrification studies in sediments, however, has several advantages over other techniques, including the acetylene blockage method. Primarily, enrichment of 15-N in the N2 pool after introduction of 15-N NO 3 into the sediments is a direct proof of denitrification.


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