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Technology and Diagnosis

  • Allen Jack Edwards
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Dementia expresses itself by interfering with the normal or usual pattern of behavior demonstrated by the individual in the past. Essentially, there has been some change that is so marked that a disease or disorder must be presumed to be present. The manifestations of this problem may take any one of a variety of forms, and there may have been a series of unusual events that were neither noted nor responded to. Indeed, the history of the individual might reflect a clear pattern of change had it only been noticed and considered. Unfortunately, such a record is available only retrospectively and then only as the patient and/or caregiver select those items from their recollections that are either recognized or admitted to. That there is a history is unmistakable; the cause of that history, regardless of how well recalled or reported, becomes the focus of medical attention when the patient is brought to a physician for a diagnosis.


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