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Dementia and the Future

  • Allen Jack Edwards
Part of the Perspectives on Individual Differences book series (PIDF)


Clearly, there have been major efforts in the past quarter-century to understand the nature and meaning of syndromes leading to dementia as well as to disclose the course of significance of the dementing process. The literature is increasing with each decade. Indeed, in a book such as this one, it is impossible to review all of the published material even of the past decade. Such activity should indicate that our knowledge and competencies have increased just as much. Unfortunately, the increase in publication rate does not guarantee equal increases in usable results. There has certainly been an accumulation of helpful data, but it seems disproportionate to the volume. Because it is probable that the amount of research—of whatever value—will increase in the future, it would seem well to summarize where we currently are on several dimensions.


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