“At the Mercy of the Capitalist”

  • Daniel Webster
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Since the publication of two of the most influential works on early industrial America, Harpers Ferry Armory and the New Technology: The Challenge of Change by Merritt Roe Smith (1977) and Rockdale: The Growth of an American Village in the Early Industrial Revolution by Anthony F. C. Wallace (1978), historians and historical archaeologists have increasingly paid attention to the local social and cultural context of technological change. Smith’s and Wallace’s works are part of a larger trend in history and anthropology that does not focus on great men or firsts in technological development. Smith and Wallace are more concerned with the impact of the new technology on ordinary people. Their works focus on individual beliefs and the relationship between cultural attitudes and the acceptance of new industrial technology. These histories are based on the correspondence, diaries, and personal papers of literate managers and the local elite.


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