Vapour Phase Epitaxy

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There is considerable variety and confusion in the nomenclature of vapour phase processes which reflects the differing characteristics of the laboratories of origin. For example, in silicon processing, where the product of vapour phase reactions may be polysilicon, epitaxial silicon or amorphous oxides or nitrides, the term CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) is applied to all processes, irrespective of the crystalline or amorphous state of the product. Where the development of these processes has led to the introduction of metalorganic source materials the process is known as MOCVD. In laboratories concerned with single-crystal growth of a range of materials by vapour phase epitaxy (VPE) the term MOVPE is more common, emphasising the importance of the epitaxial aspects. Chemists draw an even finer distinction between OMVPE and MOVPE since the term “organometallic” refers to those compounds in which the carbon atom is directly bound to the metal atom, whereas “metalorganic” is a general term referring to any compound containing metal atoms in combination with organic radicals.


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