Mixed-Anion Phosphates

  • A. Durif


Today more than 20 phosphates containing two kinds of phosphoric anions having different degrees of condensation are known. Except in the case of the very few of them that have been prepared by classical reactions of aqueous chemistry, such as K2H5(PO4)(P2O7) and K2H8(PO4)2(P2O7), there are no rules for the chemical preparation of these mixed-anion phosphates. The vast majority of them have been obtained in various flux-method experi?ments as unexpected products that could not be identified until their crystal structures had been solved. The main crystallographic data for monophosphate—diphosphates are presented in Table 5.1, and those for mixed-anion phosphates containing anions with higher degrees of condensation are given in Table 5.2.


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