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Cryocoolers and High-Temperature Superconductors: Advancing toward Commercial Appplications

  • M. Nisenoff


High temperature superconducting (HTS) electronic device technology has matured over the past seven years and is approaching commercialization. The enabling technologies which will be essential for the commercialization of HTS devices are low-cost, highly-reliable cryogenic refrigeration systems and energy- efficient cryogenic packaging of the HTS device with the cryogenic refrigerators. To insure that HTS technology does become available for the marketplace, technologists from both the cryogenic and superconductivity communities must work together to integrate HTS devices with cryogenic refrigeration systems into a package that is reliable, low cost and is “transparent” to the user. This paper will review some of the issues associated with the packaging of HTS devices into products for both the civilian and military markets.


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  1. 1.Electronics Science and Technology DivisionNaval Research LaboratoryUSA

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