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Shock and Vibration Test of a Two Stage Gifford-McMahon Cryocooler for Use in a U.S. Navy Magnetic Minesweeping System

  • Eric Roth
  • Geoff Green
  • James Chafe


This report discusses the vibration and shock testing of a Gifford-McMahon cycle refrigerator. The system tested was a KelCool™ Model UCH 130 Cryogenic Helium Refrigerator with a modified second stage regenerator. The system was subjected to vibration tests in accordance with MIL-STD-167-1 and shock tests in accordance with MIL-S-901D. The system passed both the vibration and shock tests without any visible signs of damage. There was, however, some performance degradation at the second stage of the refrigerator which raised the minimum temperature by nearly 0.5K while the cooler was being vibrated transverse to its vertical axis. It is not apparent whether this is effect is strictly due to vibration or whether it is caused in part by the second stage displacer seal operating poorly in conjunction with the vibration.


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  • Eric Roth
    • 1
  • Geoff Green
    • 2
  • James Chafe
    • 2
  1. 1.Vector Research CompanyRockvilleUSA
  2. 2.Naval Surface Warfare CenterAnnapolisUSA

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