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Perpendicular Loading as a Solution to the Problem of Building an All Purpose Cryogenic Interface

  • John Hess


The design and operation of a new cryogenic laboratory interface which simplifies the loading of independent measurement inserts is described. Insert loading is carried out perpendicularly to what is called the “cryostat axis”. The term “cryostat axis” refers to a cylindrical axis of symmetry associated with the cryocooler or dewar which is used. For both cryocoolers and dewars “Perpendicular Loading” is non intrusive in the sense that cryogenic efficiency is not impaired even when very large diameter experiments are loaded and it can be carried out without warming up the cryostat.

Along with the idea of “Perpendicular Loading”, the idea of “Independent Measurement Inserts” is introduced. Together these ideas, when followed through, introduce a new measure of flexibility into laboratory cryogenic interface design. Until now physics type measurements were carried out with a wide variety of “dedicated” cryogenic interfaces of limited application. With the development of Perpendicular Loading and Independent Measurement Inserts, it is possible to accommodate almost any physics type measurement within the framework of a single cryogenic interface design.


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