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Phase Equilibria in Cryogenic Mixtures: Part II

  • Lawrence B. Robinson


The problem to be discussed is that of solid-liquid equilibria in multi-component systems. It is of major importance in selecting a proper range of temperatures in designing the flow system, as well as achieving a required refrigeration effect, for certain types of cryocoolers. These results represent the continuation of the discussion presented at the 7th International Cryocooler Conference (17–19 November 1992). Present emphasis is on various ways of formulating the problem so that a set of non-linear algebraic equations is produced. Computer solutions are obtained by utilizing a combination of existing programs and some additional ones which were developed by the author. A modified form of the Newton-Raphson method is the essential technique which is used. The primary thrust of the presentation is to make comparisons with existing experimental results and to present a guide for the selection of some combinations of materials in order to achieve desired results. The analysis is limited to the following pure components: methane, ethane, propane, neon and nitrogen. The results include the small effects of solid-vapor and liquid vapor equilibria. Two, three, four and five component systems are discussed. All relevant equations are documented and results are presented in tables; graphs, when helpful, are given.


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  • Lawrence B. Robinson
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  1. 1.Department of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of CaliforniaLos AngelesUSA

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