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Single-Stage Reverse Brayton Cryocooler: Performance of the Engineering Model

  • W. L. Swift


A single stage reverse Brayton cryocooler is being developed for refrigeration loads of up to 10 W at temperatures between 35 K and 70 K. The cooler is intended for use in space where high performance, low vibration and high reliability are crucial. The design point for the system is 5 W net cooling at 65 K with an input power of 200 W. The cryocooler uses miniature turbomachines with self acting gas bearings to provide vibration-free operation and long life. A high performance, all-metal, perforated plate recuperator contributes substantially to overall cycle performance. The system weighs just under 14 kg.

The development of an Engineering Model version of the system has recently been completed. This paper discusses the design and presents test results at cryogenic temperatures. Implications for the use of this system over a range of temperatures and loads are discussed.


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