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Dual Opposed Piston Stirling Cryocoolers for IR Systems

  • Ram Narayan


Magnavox has designed and developed three low cost Stirling cycle cryocoolers: the MX7050, MX8000 and MX7055. All are dual opposed piston type to achieve low output vibration. The MX7050 cooler meets the U.S. Army Common Module C2 specification for the 350 mW at 80K linear cooler. It is intended to replace the existing rotary coolers that interface with the Common Module Slip-on Detector Dewar Assembly. The MX8000 cooler has a cooling capacity of 150 mW at 77K and is a low weight design for manportable systems. Its coldfinger is designed as a structural member to directly support the detector — coldshield assembly in an Integrated Dewar Assembly (IDA). The MX7055 cooler is a derivative of the MX7050 and MX8000 Coolers. It consists of the compressor from the MX7050 cooler and the expander from the MX8000 cooler and develops 600 mW at 77K. The coolers have demonstrated cooling capacities far exceeding the specification requirements over the ambient temperature range of −54°C to +71°C. This paper describes the test results for these three coolers.


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