The Study of Empty Electron States of Solids with Core X-Ray Absorption and Inverse Photoemission

  • L. Braicovich
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 345)


The main goal of these lectures is to discuss the connection (and the differences) between two spectroscopies used to study empty electron states of solids. One is a typical core spectroscopy i.e. XAS (X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy) and the other is Inverse Photoemission in which one sends electrons onto a sample and on measures a photon spectrum bringing information on the empty states of the system. In what follows we will treat the general concepts in some rather abstract limiting cases (par 2 and 3) and we will conclude with a short presentation of the spectroscopy of Fe oxides (far from being complete) which are of interest for this school; this will show how the general concepts are applied.


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