An Experimentalist’s View of Control Analysis

  • Daniel E. Atkinson
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In Responding to the invitation to comment on some aspects of the symposium, I will attempt no evaluation of the internal logic or mathematical merits of the various mathematical treatments that have been discussed. Those and other characteristics of these treatments have been discussed by other participants. Rather, I will focus my comments mainly on two questions that Dr. Cornish-Bowden asked me to consider, and which he posed in his introductory presentation (see Chapter 1): (a) what characteristics should a theory have if it is to be useful to experimentalists and (b) are the main treatments that have been discussed here — those of Kacser and Burns (see especially Chapters 3, 17, 20 and 25), Heinrich and Rapoport (Chapter 28), and Savageau (Chapters 4 and 5) — valuable to experimental metabolic biochemists?


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