The Vagus Nerve and the Control of Breathing during Postnatal Development

  • Daniel Marlot


In 1930, Coombs and Pike reported that double cervical vagotomy in the kittens affects respiration more than in the adult. They noted that, as in adult, respiratory frequency decreased, but sometimes, the amplitude of the diaphragmatic respiratory movements was less in kittens, often taking on a sobbing form. Moreover, kittens usually survived double vagotomy for only few hours. This observation suggested that vagal afferent information was more important for the control of breathing in the newborn than in the adult. After this original observation, numerous studies have been performed to precise the relative importance of the vagus nerve in newborns of several species. Reviews on this subject, have been recently published (Bruce, 1981; Trippenbach, 1981; Jansen and Chernick, 1983; Fisher an Sant’Ambrogio, 1985; Steele, 1986).


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