Predicting Adult Crime Status from Type of Delinquency

  • Paul E. Tracy
  • Kimberly Kempf-Leonard
Part of the The Plenum Series in Crime and Justice book series (PSIC)


In this chapter we begin to examine the relationship between adult criminality in the 1958 birth cohort and the nature or seriousness of prior juvenile offending. We know from our findings in the two previous chapters the importance of the frequency and timing of offending, but now our concern is to determine whether the commission of some forms of delinquency are more likely to lead to offending later in life after the delinquent becomes an adult. We will then extend this focus to include an analysis of the juvenile careers of delinquents who may engage in specialized delinquency or concentrate in certain offenses.


Logistic Regression Drug Offense Offense Type Adult Offender Major Violence 
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