An Extended Perturbation Theory for QCD

  • M. Stingl


An outline is given of a systematic, extended iterative solution to the Euclidean Dyson-Schwinger equations of QCD. While still assuming the possibility of a semi-convergent expansion in powers of [g(v 0)/4π]2 at all scales v 0, it admits in the coefficients a rational dependence on the prototype quantity non-analytic in g(v 0), the spontaneous QCD mass scale A. Self-consistency of nonperturbatively modified, zeroth-order, proper vertices in the DS equations occurs through a mechanism of „nonperturbative logarithms“, which is tied to the presence of divergences in DS loop integrals, and thus represents a pure quantum effect similar to anomalies. An interesting aspect of the scheme is the existence of solutions in which the basic gluon and quark propagators have no stable-particle poles, and describe short-lived elementary excitations, leading to a weak-coupling description of confinement.


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  • M. Stingl
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