• Terry S. Stein
  • Carol J. Cohen
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This book was conceived because of a perception of deficit and is born, several years later, with a sense of growing abundance. The deficit was observed by us in perusing the papers, courses, and symposia presented at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting in Toronto in 1982. The subject of special issues in psychotherapy with lesbians and gay men was entirely absent in this forum; and we found that most psychiatric publications also ignored the topic, especially if the reader was interested in an approach to gay men and lesbians that did not assume an associated psychopathology. Only a few courses, symposia, or papers—out of a total of hundreds of such offerings that year—even considered the subject of gay men and lesbians or homosexuality at all.


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  • Carol J. Cohen
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  2. 2.Private practiceBerkeleyUSA

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