Hypothyroidism and Chest Pain in an Elderly Woman

  • Ernest L. Mazzaferri
  • Lorraine M. Birskovich
Part of the Contemporary Internal Medicine book series (COIM, volume 3)


A 71-year-old woman from West Virginia first presented to The Ohio State University Hospital General Medicine Clinic for preoperative evaluation in preparation for surgical biopsy of a hypopharyngeal tumor that had been found by CT scan after she had experienced hemoptysis. She had suffered a myocardial infarction 11 years previously and shortly thereafter had undergone triple coronary artery bypass grafting. During the past several years she had been experiencing stable angina with 2 or 3 episodes of chest heaviness per week relieved with one sublingual nitroglycerine. Two months prior to consultation she had been admitted to University Hospital for congestive heart failure which responded to captopril, furosemide, and digoxin. During that hospitalization gated cardiac radionuclide angiography showed her left ventricular ejection fraction to be 34%. Recently her exercise tolerance was restricted to walking around the house. She also had long standing type 2 diabetes mellitus with background retinopathy, nephropathy, and peripheral neuropathy as well as severe peripheral vascular disease. About 30 years previously she had been told she had “throat cancer” which had been treated with surgery and external radiation therapy. She had an 80 pack year history of smoking.


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