Diagnosis and Management of Thyrotoxicosis

  • Edith T. de los Santos
  • Ernest L. Mazzaferri
Part of the Contemporary Internal Medicine book series (COIM, volume 3)


A 54-year-old housewife was seen in consultation at the Ohio State University Thyroid Clinic because of weight loss. Twelve years previously, she had experienced substantial weight loss and other symptoms that had been attributed to Graves’ disease which was treated with 131I resulting in prompt resolution of her symptoms. She remained well until four months prior to her present consultation when she was hospitalized for pneumonia from which she recovered quickly; nonetheless, since having pneumonia she had lost 25 pounds despite having a good appetite. In addition, she had recently been developing symptoms of easy fatigability, palpitations, nervousness, heat intolerance, muscle weakness, and hair loss.


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