Multimedia Object Management in an O-O Database Environment

  • Carlos A. A. Lima
  • Ana M. C. Moura
  • Paulo C. C. Ferreira


Multimedia information processing is an important requirement in a Database Management System (DBMS). It comes as a natural consequence from the need to provide users with a better support to develop their applications, by combining different media, in order to obtain a realistic approach of the real world.

However, managing multimedia objects like sound, image (static and animated), text, graphics, etc., efficiently, is still a challenging area of research. It requires efficient methods to store and retrieve long fields, in order not to cause much information fragmentation on disk.

In this paper we present a multimedia object manager based on the Object-Orientation (O-O) paradigm, as an important module of SIGO system, an OODBMS, under development at the Computer Science Department at IME, Rio de Janeiro. A model is proposed to represent multimedia documents, and a complete description of the multimedia object manager, implemented in the system, is given. We finally compare our approach to different long field storage strategies studied in the literature, obtaining promising results.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Carlos A. A. Lima
    • 1
  • Ana M. C. Moura
    • 1
  • Paulo C. C. Ferreira
    • 1
  1. 1.Seção de Engenharia de SistemasInstituto Militar de Engenharia - IME/RJRio de JaneiroBrasil

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