A Computational and Experimental Study of Rebound Firing and Modulatory Effects on the Lamprey Spinal Network

  • Jesper Tegnér
  • Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski
  • Anders Lansner
  • Sten Grillner


Computer simulation with simplified but fairly detailed model neurons can be powerful in evaluating to what extent known cellular and synaptic properties can account for the behavior seen at the system level and also allow analysis of the relative functional role of different components and mechanisms which might be difficult to address only experimentally. We have evaluated the role of low voltage-activated (LVA) calcium channels both on the single cell and network level in the lamprey locomotor circuitry. A previous computer simulation model has been extended with LVA calcium channels using the m 3h form, following a Hodgkin—Huxley paradigm. Experimental data from mainly lamprey neurons [9] was used to provide parameter values of the single cell model.


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  • Jesper Tegnér
    • 1
    • 2
  • Jeanette Hellgren-Kotaleski
    • 1
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  • Anders Lansner
    • 2
  • Sten Grillner
    • 1
  1. 1.Nobel institute for Neurophysiology Department of NeuroscienceKarolinska InstituteStockholmSweden
  2. 2.SANS — Studies of Artificial Neural Systems Dept. of Numerical Analysis and Computing ScienceRoyal Institute of TechnologyStockholmSweden

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