Electron Emission Resulting from Fast Ion Impact on Thin Metal Foils: Implications of These Data for Development of Track Structure Models

  • R. D. DuBois
  • C. G. Drexler
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 63)


Experimental information useful in improving and testing theoretical models of energy deposition and redistribution in particle-condensed phase media is discussed. An overview of information available from previous, and ongoing, studies of the electron emission from thin foils is presented and the need for doubly differential electron energy and angular distribution data stressed. Existing data are used to demonstrate that precisely known, and controllable, surface and bulk conditions of the condensed-phase media are required for experimental studies of this type. Work in progress and improvements planned for future studies at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory are outlined.


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  • R. D. DuBois
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  • C. G. Drexler
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