• Takahiko Misugi
  • Akihiro Shibatomi
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The subject of high-speed information processing is of continuing interest. The basic goal is to improve performance of electronic tools, such as computers and telecommunications systems, in order to achieve higher bit rates for operations. The motive for preparing this book was to look at the high-speed-device issue from the systems point of view. From the systems side, limitations in silicon-based device technology, such as switching speed and power dissipation, seem unavoidable. Thus, there is a strong demand to develop high-speed analog and digital systems based on compound semiconductors and superconducting materials. The performance of devices based on such compound semiconductors and superconductors depends on the properties of the starting materials. Device performance cannot be expected to be improved without the fundamental ability to control material properties such as crystal thickness on an atomic scale. To emphasize the importance of materials research, we include a chapter on material preparation and the role that it plays in the performance of the resulting devices and systems.


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