Optical Soliton Solutions in Three Dimensional Bulk Dispersive Linear Media

  • Li Zhonghao
  • Zhou Guosheng
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The undistorted transmission of optical pulses has attracted considerable attention because of its important applications in ultra-high bit-rate optical communications systems1. So far, many of the researches on it are focused on so-called optical soliton in a nonlinear Kerr medium. However, it should be noted that one of the reasons of investigating the transmission of optical pulses in a nonlinear medium is that an undistorted travelling wave solution has not been discovered in a dispersive linear medium for a long time. Recently, we have theoretically proved, for the first time to our knowledge, that an envelope solitary wave solution may exist even in a planar dipersive linear medium under certain appropriate conditions by taking into account the transverse effect and dispersion effect simultaneously2. This may be a new way of realizing very high bit-rate optical communications. In this paper, we investigate the undistorted transmission of optical pulses in a three dimensional dispersive linear medium.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Li Zhonghao
    • 1
  • Zhou Guosheng
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Electronic and Information TechnologyShanxi UniversityTaiyuan, ShanxiP.R. China

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