Two Dimensional Semi-Classical Laser Cooling Theory

  • T. Cai
  • H. Pu
  • N. P. Bigelow
Conference paper


Recently there have been several efforts to analyze the light pressure force in two-and three-dimensional optical molasses 123 for various laser-atom configurations. Castin et al.3 have investigated the two-dimensional Sisyphus cooling and revealed some special features in the two-dimensional system, such as momentum space channelling for Jg=1/2 to Je=3/2 transition in lin-lin configuration. Wilmer et al.’ and Javanainen2 have also described their theoretical studies of the multi-dimensional force carried out by time-integrating the optical Bloch equations and the Fokker-Planck equations in the semiclassical limit. Due to the long computing time, they were unable to analyze the force in complete detail, and thus the understanding of many intriguing phenomena of the multi-dimensional system is still very limited.


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  • T. Cai
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  • H. Pu
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  • N. P. Bigelow
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  1. 1.Department of Physics & Astronomy Laboratory for Laser EnergeticsUniversity of RochesterRochesterUSA

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