Phase Diffusion in a Nonideal Laser

  • J. P. Woerdman
  • S. J. M. Kuppens
  • M. A. van Eijkelenborg
  • M. P. van Exter
  • C. A. Schrama
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An expression for the quantum-limited linewidth Δv of an ideal laser was first given by Schawlow and Townes in 1958, 1
$$ \Delta v = \frac{{hv}}{{4\pi }}\frac{{\Gamma _c^2}}{{{P_{out}}}}, $$
where Γc = π Δ v c, is the linewidth of the passive cavity and Pout the output power of the laser. Since then it has been found by many authors that Eq. (1) must be generalized to describe the quantum-limited linewidth of a practical laser.


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  • S. J. M. Kuppens
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  • M. A. van Eijkelenborg
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  • M. P. van Exter
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  • C. A. Schrama
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