Hollow Optical Fiber Atom Waveguides

  • Joseph J. Hope
  • Craig M. Savage
Conference paper


In principle atomic de Broglie waves can be guided down the hole of a hollow optical fiber1. Light is guided in the glass and the atoms are prevented from hitting the walls by repulsive forces due to the evanescent field at the glass/hole interface. Hollow optical fiber atom optics devices are interesting due to their mechanical flexibility and small volume. With hole diameters of the order of one micron relatively low guided laser powers produce high confining potentials. Intra-fiber sisyphus cooling is possible2. Hollow optical fiber could potentially be used to construct gravitational cavities3 for atoms or ions, large area atomic interferometers, and atomic cavities for “bosers”.


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  • Joseph J. Hope
    • 1
  • Craig M. Savage
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  1. 1.Department of Physics and Theoretical PhysicsAustralian National UniversityACTAustralia

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