Stress-Inoculation Training

  • Donald Meichenbaum
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By now, it should be apparent that something is happening to behavior therapy. Its “learning theory” basis is being challenged and is being replaced, in part by a cognitive orientation. The conceptual basis of “learning theory” that provided the framework and heuristic background for a variety of behavior therapy procedures is being oppugned on both theoretical grounds (e.g., Bandura, 1974; Breger & McGaugh, 1965; McKeachie, 1974) and empirical grounds (e.g., Brewer, 1974; Mahoney, 1974; Meichenbaum, 1974a). Such time-honored concepts as the automaticity of reinforcement and the continuity assumption between overt and covert events are being seriously questioned. As Bandura stated in his presidential address to the American Psychological Association:

So-called conditioned reactions are largely self-activated on the basis of learned expectations rather than automatically evoked. The critical factor, therefore, is not that events occur together in time, but that people learn to predict them and to summon up appropriate reactions. (1974, p. 860)


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