The Founding of Clinical Psychology (1896) and Some Important Early Developments
  • Donald K. Routh
Part of the Applied Clinical Psychology book series (NSSB)


Clinical psychology is one of the newest professions, built upon a discipline that is itself hardly more than a century old (the conventional date for the founding of modem psychology, that is, Wundt’s laboratory in Leipzig, is 1879). The essential elements of clinical psychology are considered to be science and practice. In the view of most of those in the field, these two are inseparably linked to each other and make up a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts. If there were no science, the practitioner would have little credibility. If practitioners did not actually help their clients, the public would have less reason to underwrite research and professional education. This book also deals with the role played by scientific, professional, or “guild” organizations in the historical development of the field. (In clinical psychology, certain credentials such as a doctoral degree, supervised experience, and a license by the state or province have come to be regarded as necessary for full participation in the profession. These make up the profession’s “union card.” Advocacy by persons associated with the organizations played a significant part in making these credentials a reality.) This book tells the story of the series of a series of organizations within the profession of clinical psychology in the United States: the American Association of Clinical Psychologists (1917–1919), the Clinical Section of the American Psychological Association (1919–1937), the Clinical Section of the American Association for Applied Psychology (1937–1945), the Division of Clinical Psychology of the American Psychological Association (1945-present), and the various sections of Division 12 (1962-present).


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