Halogenated Benzamides as Ligands for Cerebral Dopamine Receptors

  • Ronald G. Manning
  • N. Scott Mason
  • Tomas de Paulis
  • Robert M. Kessler


In the past several years our group has synthesized a series of high affinity iodine-123 and fluorine-18 labeled substituted benzamide ligands for SPECT and PET visualization of the dopamine D-2 receptors in brain regions with low receptor density outside the striatum. Radioiodination and radiofluorination in high yield and high specific activity was achieved by using the tributyltin precursor and nucleophilic displacement of the toluensulfonyl ester precursor, respectively.


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  • Ronald G. Manning
    • 1
  • N. Scott Mason
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  • Tomas de Paulis
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  • Robert M. Kessler
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