USP Activities and PET Radiopharmaceuticals

  • Francis Barletta


The United States Pharmacopeial Convention, Inc., is a multiprofessional organization composed of almost 400 members, including over 300 organizations in pharmacy, medicine, the industry and government (including the FDA). It is the publisher of the United States Pharmacopeia® and the National Formulary®. These texts have been designated official compendia in the Federal Food, Drugs, and Cosmetic Act. The USP Convention is neither a regulatory nor an enforcement body, however, the standards of strength, quality, purity, packaging and labeling contained in these compendia are enforceable under that statute as well as by state authorities under their respective Food and Drug Acts and pharmacy laws. The USP is also the publisher of the USP DI® — an authoritative text containing information about the appropriate use of drugs and medical devices.


United States Pharmacopeia Advisory Panel United States Pharmacopeial Convention Authoritative Text Rubidium Chloride 
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